Hear real stories of family members and past residents of Freedom’s Door, and the impact this ministry has had on their recovery and their lives.

90 day Sean Graham

Literacy Support Improves Lives

Two years ago, Adam was homeless. He had spent the last 20 years as an alcoholic, going from minimum wage job to job with only a Grade 10 level education.

As he began to get help with his addiction, councillors at Freedom’s Door pointed him to Project Literacy Central Okanagan Society. As a child, Adam did well in school and 20 years later, he had a goal to finish high school and begin college. Adam felt respected by the staff at Project Literacy, describing his first time walking in as “warm, welcoming and uplifting.” Project Literacy’s educators helped Adam to set a goal – to take his LPI and get accepted into the Electronics Engineering program at Okanagan College.

“Part of my journey was rediscovering my born talent – a gift for working with electronics”

He came to Project Literacy on a regular basis, completing practice essays and comprehension tests. One of the most memorable moments of his literacy journey was writing an impressive essay off the top of his head. He says that he’ll never forget the educators “running to the other offices and showing it off to people.” Having his talents and abilities celebrated was a new experience for him.

Adam was able to complete his LPI with a fantastic level 5 score. He has been accepted to Okanagan College and will be starting the Electronics Engineering program in the fall. Adam says that Project Literacy made him feel like “the sky’s the limit” and through that encouragement and support, he’s been able to reach his goals and begin a new chapter in his life.

90 day Sean Graham

Sean Graham Testimony

Before coming to Freedom’s Door in October 2019, I had been homeless for close to 2 months. My entire life felt hopeless and without directions. My days consisted of walking around, riding the bus to catch a few minutes sleep here and there, and if I was lucky enough, finding a porta-potty to rest in at night. I knew I could not keep living this way and wanted something different for my life.

I checked myself into detox and that is where I heard about Freedom’s Door men’s recovery centre. I applied and got myself on the waitlist and after two short weeks I was admitted into the program. I finally had a glimmer of hope for my life and my future.

The first few weeks as a client here were amazing. I had a roof over my head, food in my stomach, and structure for my day. Freedom’s Door helped me to turn my life around. Thanks to the amazing staff that welcomed me with a smile and thanks to some much-needed safety I was well on my way to recovery.

Freedom’s Door saved my life. My life would look much different today if it wasn’t for the security, care, and love I received as a client. Freedom’s Door gave me the structure, space, and guidance to begin the path toward a productive life. My journey has not been without struggle and difficulties up until this point. However, when I look at life before coming to Freedom’s Door, wandering around the streets aimlessly, hungry, tired, and more depressed than ever before in my life, I can’t help but be grateful for my life today.

It has been one year since that dark time in my life. I am still a client at Freedom’s Door. I have a job and am currently looking at going to school for a degree in social work. I still have a long way to go on my path toward recovery, but without the foundation Freedom’s door has provided me with, I may not be alive today.

Sean Graham

90 Days Will M

Willen Maclean Testimony

Learning how to ask for help can be one of life’s most daunting tasks for all of us. This specifically was the most important lesson I received from Freedom’s Door. Learning that it was alright to ask for help and getting the upmost support when I did ask. From assisting me through college to one on one counseling sessions, Freedom’s Door provided the means for me to make all the positive changes in life, inching me closer and closer to the blissful existence which every human deserves.

I truly believe that every person deserves a second chance and this is where Freedom’s Door steps in. Each staff has a truly beautiful soul, and each man experiences the full benefit of their love and support during, and even after, their stay. From finding living arrangements after their departure to obtaining jobs and growing into a beneficial citizen in the city of Kelowna, Freedom’s Door helps every step of the way.

I currently reside in beautiful Vancouver, BC, where I am currently working toward my BA at Simon Fraser University. However, even though I am living here, I remain in contact with the blessed soul of Peter Lees, who helps me on every step of my journey moving forward. This is because Freedom’s Door is not just a place to stay for a few months when you are down on your luck. It is a place that builds connections that can provide the support and stability to turn men into kings.

I have the utmost respect for all the staff involved in this amazing men’s center. They provide the stepping stones to make dreams happen and work hard at raising every soul to live up to their full potential.

Bless you all, and most importantly bless Freedom’s Door.

Willen Maclean