Spring 2024 Newsletter

Spring 2024 Newsletter

To Our Friends of Freedom’s Door

Life without a home is a life of insecurity, chaos, danger and often death. This reality is the life lived by over 250,000 Canadians each long day and dark night. No roof, no comforting pillow, no warm cleansing shower. Summer heat, winter cold. Cardboard mattress. Another harsh day of struggle after another. Add to this the burden of mental health issues for up to 75% of those in this daily chaos.

We look at, but maybe we don’t really see, these “walking dead” on our streets each day. We sometimes feel uncomfortable, sometimes fearful. These strangers are someone’s daughter and someone’s son. 250,000 stories of trauma and hopelessness.

These are more than just stories easily forgotten, easily dismissed. These are humans who need help, hope and love, who need someone to see them and care.

Please click the link below as we share some of these stories in more detail in our full Spring Newsletter.

Spring Newsletter 2024

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