Freedom Glen Affordable Housing Fund Raising Program

Dear Friends of Freedom’s Door,                                                                                                     July, 2021

We are writing to you today in order to make a very special donation request.

As you may be aware it has been our desire at Freedom’s Door, for some time, to construct an apartment building for the use of graduates of Freedom’s Door and their families. The building may also be used to house other low income people. Kelowna has one of the worst statistics in the country for affordable housing, whether it is for purchasing a home or renting a home. The availability of rental housing is at an all time low, and therefore rents are high. The need to provide affordable rental housing is critical.

We have determined that there is an obligation, on our part, to build an apartment to fill this need, particularly for the graduates of our program. When our men have completed our program it is very difficult for them to find housing. If they cannot move out then those men who want to come to our recovery program are on a long waiting list. It is our hope that we can, with your help, provide a solution.

We have the beginning of a solution, namely an agreement to purchase a property that is suitable for apartment construction. This land is located at the corner of Valley Road and Kane Road. We have gone through a rezoning application with the City of Kelowna and our plan has been approved. We had hoped to receive a grant from BC Housing however our application was not successful. Therefore, we are attempting to raise the necessary funds for the down payment through fund raising, as we are a charitable organization with tax deductible status.

The cost of purchasing the land and constructing the building is approximately $17 million. This includes 43 units in sizes ranging from bachelor suites to three bedroom units. It is our desire to raise $5 million leaving us with a $12 million mortgage. With this program we can maintain a level of rent affordability that works for individuals and families.

We are therefore coming to you, the Friends of Freedom’s Door, with a request that you consider a donation that will assist us in achieving our goal. We ask you to review the enclosed material which outlines various options for your consideration. We also enclose the details of the building and the budget for construction.

We thank you for your consideration and we look forward to speaking with you in the near future. We also want to thank Okanagan Office Systems for the complementary printing of this package.


 Board of Directors

Peter Lees
Executive Director
Helmut Hubert
Board Chairman
Tom Smithwick

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