Reflections on 12 Days of Celebration in Recovery

Reflections on 12 Days of Celebration in Recovery

Since 2017, when our relapse rate over the holiday season was 12.5%, we launched the 12 Days of Celebration in Recovery to keep the guys busy and engaged. In 2018 & 2019, our holiday relapse rate dropped to less than 2%. This year our relapse rate was 0%!  This Year with the help of our generous supporters, between December 24 – January 4, an activity was organized each day to keep the guys engaged and involved. In response, here are a few of the comments made by our clients:

Thank you for a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Polar Bear Dip, good food and lots of gifts and blessing from God. Fellowship with the guys and most importantly my sobriety. I am grateful for all the staff, volunteers, sponsors, donors and counselors that make this place so beautiful. I am eternally grateful … in Jesus Name … Amen.

I had a really good time over the holidays largely because of all of the activities we were able to be a part of thanks to everyone who donated. I really enjoyed the laser tag and axe-throwing, and would love to do either of them again! It was also really nice to receive gifts and stocking stuff! Thank you!

I would like to thank Freedom’s Door for organizing and hosting the 12 Days Of Christmas. Freedom’s Door made the holidays tolerable for me personally. My favourite part of the 12 Days Of Christmas was Orbis Bubble Sports, Archery Tag, and Laser Tag. The staff, donors and volunteers that took time out during their own holidays to host, cook, or whatever it may be that they did for us residents at the Door, I am greatly thankful for.
Andy N

I am grateful for all of the funding that allowed us to participate in bowling, lazer tag, axe throwing, etc. Without this funding we would not have nearly as much fun as we did. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the supporters of Freedom’s Door and their efforts to give us a fantastic holiday season. It greatly helped with my sobriety and well being. God bless you.